Jen's Favourites

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Jen's Favourites

We’re passionate about our fruit! We’re passionate about bringing you some of the finest eating peaches and nectarines from Western Australian growers. We work with growers in the Perth hills like Michael Fernie, Anthony Caccetta and Ben Scaravilli who have been growing fruit on their family farms for generations.

Jen’s Favourites represents the best eating fruit available in the Western Australian summer season. Jen and the family farms we’re working with are proud to bring you “Jen’s Favourites”.

Enjoy our juicy healthy snacks and know we’re working hard to bring you something special every day!

grown for

A Western Australian family business of Jen, her little annoying brother, their always hilarious father,
in partnership with the Taddei Brothers'.

WA Farm Direct is represented by over 30 loyal staff who embody the wider WA Farm Direct Family.
We work direct with our own farm, and others to bring you the freshest possible offers.

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Who's Jen

Jen from WA Farm Direct

Jen with grower Tom Price on his farm in the Perth Hills, WA.

Good question! Who is Jen!?
In many ways Jen is the heart of the business, she’s passionate about our people and the fresh produce we offer to customers every day. Her dedication is echoed in our finest offerings found in the “Jen’s Favourites” range.
Jen grew up in Western Australia and was born into fresh produce, although she was told she could never work in the families fresh produce business as it was always an industry 'only for the boys'. After blazing through that glass ceiling she’s now been a driving force behind the success of our business and has driven the launch of this new range of fruit.
Whilst she hates the fact we’ve named the range after her, she’s proud of what we have come to offer in the Jen’s Favourite range. Jen often acknowledges the passionate farmers we work with, for it’s these hard working people that allow us to bring you the delights of the Jen’s Favourites offer.
Cheers to our farmers and cheers to Jen for your passion and not being held back by the boys!